A little bit about Me

Who am I?

A Broadway lover with a passion for comedy and a desire to serve others, my journey began the moment I chose to attend Auburn University.

Both of my parents and my older brother went to Auburn, but I’ve always wanted to be different. “Send me to the University of Hawaii because I’m not going to Auburn,” I told my parents one stressful night. After days of discussing (and a little coaxing), I was on my way to tour Auburn University. From the moment I stepped on to campus, it was love at first sight in the most cliché of ways.

From the students to the campus, I knew this would be my home for the next four years. I decided to study public relations because I am devoted to the well-being of others. I understand the effectiveness of communication and how important it is to keep the public informed. My love of comedy sparked this adoration of people.

Making people laugh is something I’ve aspired to do for as long as I can remember. I knew that no matter how atrocious things got or how evil the world could be, if people could still laugh then everything was going to be all right. There is still light in a world of darkness, and I want to bring that light to people. My personal motto that I remind myself of every morning is, “If I can make at least one person laugh each day, then I have done my job on this earth.” I’d like to think that I have been successful thus far.

My love for my second major, Spanish, developed in high school. I had incredible teachers that instilled an affection for the language, culture and people in me. I now serve the Spanish community in Auburn by working with Esperanza House, which has brought such joy to my life. After spending a summer studying abroad in Spain, I changed my minor to a major and hope to work with Spanish-speaking countries as I pursue a career in international relations.

Elizabeth Reneau Earles
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