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Freshman Leadership Program

The past four years I have had the incredible opportunity to serve Auburn through the Freshman Leadership Program. FLP is a series of nine different groups made up of 45 freshmen. Each group devotes itself to a specific project that ranges from community service to campus government. I have held the assistant director, director and executive vice president of communications positions. I oversaw the leadership development of 45 freshmen for two years, organized publicity strategies, regulated visits from other organizations to FLP and sent weekly updates to the staff.

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Esperanza House

Esperanza House has been the biggest blessing in my life. Founded in the fall of 2015, the organization connects the Spanish-speaking community and provides aid to them. With them, I tutored children with Spanish backgrounds in the Auburn public school system twice a week. We also packed and served lunches to the Spanish families every Thursday during the summer.

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Women's Club Soccer

Soccer has always been a joy of mine. I’ve played from the time I was five years old to my senior year in high school. I thought I was ready to be done with it by the time I came to college. However, I ended up missing it terribly and joined the Auburn Women’s Club Team my sophomore year. Playing soccer has taught me the value of teamwork, hard work and commitment.

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High School Leadership Conference

Auburn invites high school students to the university once a year for the Auburn High School Leadership Conference. The conference teaches students how to exercise their leadership skills in their respective high schools. Acting as a counselor, I helped students analyze the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of their service programs at their schools.

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Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority

I chose to join Alpha Gamma Delta because I knew the girls would push me to be the best I could be. They saw potential in me and supported me throughout my entire college career. I couldn't be more thankful for them. They accepted me for who I was and celebrated the person I want to become.

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Stand-up Comedy

My passion for comedy drove me to try stand-up comedy. Though I was terrified at first, being on stage is an absolute thrill! I love making other people laugh and sharing the joy, even if it is just for a little while. It’s taught me confidence and the need to take risks while not letting fear control me.