Animated GIF

How the GIF was made

This GIF required several steps. I first shot the video of me drawing the images using an iPad. After sending it to myself, I imported the video in Photoshop and used the timeline feature to show the 30 frames per second. I then set the time to .30 seconds fast. I went in and deleted some of the repetitive frames that didn’t need to be there. Though it was a long process, it was worth it to see the finished product. Now I can make GIFs whenever I want to!

Why I chose to do it

I chose to do this particular GIF because I wanted to see how far I could push myself. Drawing and being creative is not my strong suit, but I love a good challenge. I wanted to construct something different than just grabbing a video that has already been made and making a GIF out of it. I took my time and made sure the characters I drew were perfect. It was harder than I thought it was going to be. Though it’s not perfect, I am glad that I attempted it and can now do it better and faster than before.

Why it's important to me

My passion for comedy drives who I am. I believe in my heart that laughter is the best medicine. The quote, “Laughter is sunshine. It chases winter from the human face,” by Victor Hugo is the perfect example of how I feel about laughing. Laughing and warming other people’s hearts is the most powerful form of love we have. The two characters I drew are my two favorite female comedians, Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett. They paved the way for women in comedy and have broken barriers left and right. To me, there is no better way than to pay homage to these women who have been such big influences in my life.

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