Public Relations and Spanish

Graduating in August of 2017 with two bachelor’s degrees in public relations and Spanish, Auburn University has prepared me for my future. Take a look at some of the classes I took during my college career!

Public Relations Research

This class taught me the importance of public relations research and how to apply both quantitative and qualitative methods to research. My team researched the methods with which River Region United Way communicates information to its supporters and how they can be improved.

Public Relations Case Studies

Learning from past case studies in this class allowed us to look at different ways public relations comes into play within an organization. My group examined the Target credit card hack. We studied the background of the case and offered suggestions as to what could’ve been done better.

Writing for Public Relations

This class was all about writing. We wrote a press release, a feature release, a backgrounder, a brochure, a media advisory, a memo and a speech. ThrivingTheatre is the company I developed to write for.

Style and Design

Learning how to code in HTML and CSS is no easy task, but Style and Design made me feel comfortable in my coding abilities after months of learning the new language. We also developed our skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Dreamweaver.

Introduction to Filmmaking

Though I’m no Steven Spielberg, this class taught me how to film and cut videos. Creating both a short film and a documentary, we used Final Cut Pro X to edit the films. After this class, I feel confident in my editing and filming abilities.

Introduction to Hispanic Literature

My Intro to Hispanic Literature class let me look at literature from a different cultural perspective. We absorbed Spanish poetry, theater, short stories and novels from authors like Jorge Luis Borges, Federico García Lorca and Gabriel García Márquez.

Spanish Conversation and Composition

Both of these classes focused mainly on speaking and writing in Spanish. By immersing myself in solely writing and speaking Spanish, I was able to become proficient in both.

Spanish American Civilization II

Spanish American Civilization II educated me on the Spanish-speaking countries in South America. Focusing on the governments, economies and cultures of each country granted me the opportunity to learn about countries other than the United States.