MAY 2016
Storybook Farm, horses, internship, experience

Storybook Farm

I worked as a public relations volunteer at Storybook Farm the summer of 2016. Storybook Farm is a nonprofit organization that specializes in equine therapy and horticulture programs to help children with disabilities. Because of Storybook, these kids are celebrated and loved the entire time they are there! As a public relations intern, I was in charge of packaging a plan to reach more followers to Storybook’s social media sites. I also developed a blog that highlighted Storybook’s newest addition, The Secret Garden. This garden will give back to food-insecure families in the community. The riding sessions are in the fall, spring and summer. Another part of my job was to prepare the fall lesson plan that emphasized famous horses throughout history.


Huntsville CVB, Convention and Visitors Bureau, Elizabeth Earles marketing intern

Huntsville Convention and Visitors Bureau

My time at the Huntsville Convention and Visitors Bureau enriched my knowledge of public relations. Though I was a marketing intern, the public relations and marketing teams worked closely together to bring tourists to Huntsville. I wrote profiles of the new employees coming in to the CVB. When I was there, the website was under construction. One of my jobs was to review and revise the website to provide a more comprehensible read. Working with programs like Emma and Uberflip widened my technological horizons as I assisted the marketing directors with article building. I also helped facilitate more than seven major events taking place in Huntsville.


Elizabeth study abroad, Spain, Salamanca, Spanish

Auburn Abroad in Salamanca, Spain

Studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain, was an eye opening experience. Immersing myself in the culture and language helped me become proficient in Spanish. It helped me build my confidence in speaking and made me aware of how difficult but useful learning a second language can be. While there, I took Spanish Syntax, Spanish Culture and Art History of Spain. All of these deepened my knowledge of the country and let me look at the world from a different perspective.