Details of software used

I made my infographics in two different places. For the “Las Meninas” infographic, I used Photoshop to make several layers in order to create a level of complexity for this infographic. For the second infographic on why people should learn a second language, I used Canva. I found Canva to be much easier to work with because there are templates already prepared to use, and all I had to do was plug my information in. Changing the pictures and colors, this infographic took hardly any time at all. The one I made in Photoshop, however, required more tedious, nit-picking work. After finishing it, I was more proud of it than the one in Canva. Click on the pictures to view the full infographics. If you can't read it, don't panic! Click on the upper right hand corner to enlarge the infographic and read away!

Hidden Secrets of "Las Meninas" Infographic

“The Hidden Secrets of ‘Las Meninas’” was made in Photoshop. I used several layers and the elliptical marquee tool to create circles that were then filled by the paint bucket. I also used this technique to create small circles that leads the reader’s eye to the information bubbles. More layers were added and the informational text was put on top of the bubbles. The idea came from an art history class I had taken when I studied abroad in Spain. We learned about a particular painting, “Las Meninas,” and its many fun facts. The painting remains my favorite, and I thought I should share its secrets.

The Benefits of Learning a Second Language Infographic

Canva, a much easier process, only required me to input information and change colors and pictures in order to make this infographic. Creating text boxes and putting some of my creativity to use, I made an infographic about the importance of learning a second language and the benefits it has. Because Spanish is my second major, I highly encourage everyone to learn a second language. It has opened my eyes, and I believe that people can gain insight into the world by being bilingual. The information came from an article titled "12 Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language" in an online publication called Examened Existence.

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