Interactive PDF

The Trips of a Lifetime

How it was designed

My interactive PDF was designed using InDesign. After becoming familiar with InDesign through my magazine, I felt more comfortable using it this time. I chose a template from and went from there. I wanted to do something different that relied on pictures to tell the story with only a little bit of words. The hardest part of this project was making the words stand out on the picture. I used the drop shadow to help make them stick out, but it was difficult to make sure that it looked relatively uniform throughout the PDF.

Why I chose it

We, as humans, are a visually minded people. Visuals strike our attention and interest us. This is why I wanted to choose a PDF that had mostly to do with visuals. I think pictures are worth a thousand words and I want to convey my experiences to anyone that wants to see who I am. The design aspect of this PDF caught my eye as well. I love the clickable pictures that move you to the next page. It’s clean and slick while also absorbing you into the story.

Why I chose pictures abroad

I have been blessed to go on some incredible trips out of the country. I recognize this privilege and I am deeply appreciative of the opportunities I’ve been given. My time abroad has taught me about myself and other cultures. My admiration for other people came from my experiences abroad. Because of traveling to places out of my comfort zone, I am able to accept people for who they are despite any differences we may have. I’ve learned to love all people, and I have my travels to thank for that. Because of this, I want to show you a bit of my life journey through my trips abroad!