How my logo was designed

I designed my logo in Photoshop using a simple design. I created a base layer then added another layer and wrote my name using the Gabriola font. Blue is my favorite color, so I decided to pick a color I love to create a logo that I liked. I gave it a drop shadow and a glare that looked like the sun was reflecting off of it. This gave it a three-dimensional shape. I wanted it to look clean but natural, like someone had sketched my name in neat bubble letters. By doing this, anyone who looks at my logo sees my name written in a straightforward way, but it still has a bit of a flare to it.

Why I chose this logo

I chose this design because the double E of Elizabeth Earles is visually appealing. I am straightforward, but I am unique in my own way. My passion makes me more than average and I strive to be better than I was the day before. Like my logo, I am self-made and want people to know who I really am. The most important part of when you first meet someone is learning their name. Being able to take the time to learn their name is the first step in any communication relationship. Knowing names is personal and it shows that you care. Therefore, my logo is the first step in getting to know me!

What it means to me

This logo means a lot to me. I see it as the beginning of my career. In a way, I am branding myself and letting the world know that I am ready for what comes next. Though I’m nervously excited, I see my logo as the start to my professional career. Blue symbolizes trust, wisdom, confidence and loyalty. It can also mean piety and sincerity. I want people to associate me with all of these qualities. I respect all of these traits and I want to live up to them.

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