Life's Good Things

How it's made

My magazine was designed in InDesign. For the entire semester in my Style and Design class, we were assigned to write stories for three different publications. We wrote for Auburn Family, Extension Daily and The Corner News. I took each story and converted them into a magazine-style publication. Starting from scratch, I created the title, colors and content. The most difficult part was formatting, making sure I was getting good use out of the white space while not having too much on my pages. It was a learning process, but I am grateful for the experience to learn because I knew nothing about InDesign before this. Now I feel like I can do anything using InDesign with zero problems.

What's in the magazine

I wanted all of the stories I wrote about to be reflective of my experience at Auburn. I’ve met some incredible people during my time here who have impacted the lives of many, and they don’t even know it. From the servers at the Sani-Freeze to the students who tutor with Esperanza House, the joy that they bring to people shouldn’t go unrecognized. Even the stories about vegetables, fruits and dips can bring knowledge to those around me.

Why I like it

Not only did I like the experience of learning how to create a magazine, I also understood the difficulty of journalism. I developed a deep admiration for the ability to write stories, take pictures and lay it all out on a page. This magazine represents a compilation of everything that I have worked for this semester. Not only that, but serving the community in which I am placed is something I want to do. If that means writing stories recognizing the beauty of Auburn and its people, then I am more than happy to do it. Be sure to read my magazine!