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The contents of this portfolio illustrate the depth of my knowledge when it comes to practical, hands-on experience. It is one thing to learn how to do something, but it is a completely different thing when you use the lesson to complete a project. Some projects were a lot more difficult than others and some were a lot more fun. However, I savored the chance to challenge myself. To me, it’s fascinating to see the final product. A lot of times, I started with a blank page and only an idea. Seeing it come to fruition was extremely gratifying.

With little knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud, my Style and Design class taught me how to use Dreamweaver, Photoshop and InDesign to create projects like tutorials, magazines, interactive PDFs and GIFs. I can say with certainty that I now can confidently make all of these things. Though I may not have known how to use Adobe Creative Cloud at first, I am a quick learner and not afraid to ask questions to ensure accuracy and precision. Learning new things excites me and I was happy to nosedive straight to the deep end. By doing so, I explored the expanse of Adobe products.

When you look through my portfolio, I hope you gain an understanding of my work ethic and potential. Public relations requires a lot of writing and, through my case study, magazine and interactive PDF, you will discover that writing has always been a delight of mine. This portfolio will continue to expand as I learn how to operate different programs along the way. I never want it to be static because the growth of my abilities is necessary. For now, explore and enjoy the creations I made!

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Media Kit
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Case Study
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Social Media Release
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Interactive PDF
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Animated GIF
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