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My classes at Auburn

Take a look inside my education at Auburn University. From classes like Introduction to Filmmaking to Public Relations Research, my time at Auburn has been a special one. I could not be more thankful for everything I’ve been taught. Though a double major can be challenging, I feel Auburn has prepared me and I’m excited for what comes next.

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Real world action

I’ve learned more about public relations from my real world experiences than I could imagine. A classroom can only teach you so much. With my previous internships, I was able to apply what I learned in the classroom to help serve the organizations I was working for. This taught me the value of hard work and commitment to the goals and objectives of an organization.

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What I can do

The skills I have accrued over time during college equipped me for a future career. My proficiency in Spanish and Adobe products makes me an excellent candidate for any job. I want to put the skills I’ve learned to good use in the profession I am in. With that being said, I also relish learning new skills. I try to live by, “You learn something new every day.” Knowledge is infinite, and I eat up every chance I get to learn new skills.

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High distinctions

The honor societies that accepted me illustrate my devotion to my studies and the eagerness to always strive to be better. Though honors are not the only thing that make up a good student, I’m humbled by the acceptance. I use it as motivation to keep studying and never stop learning.

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What I do

My life has granted me several opportunities to participate in my community. I do everything I can to invest all of my time to serving Auburn while bringing happiness to the people around me. I am blessed by this community and hope to serve a new one with the same gusto.