Interpersonal skills are the most essential skills I have. To me, being able to network by gaining and cultivating relationships is invaluable. Take a look at some other skills I have acquired over the years.


I’ve been exposed to many cultures. From Australia to France to Spain, every place has a different way of life. You don’t even have to leave the United States to see this. My Spanish major has made me proficient in the language, which has allowed me to learn and communicate with different cultures. I am able to view the world from distinctive perspectives and respect the differences in all of them.

Web Design and Editing

Over the course of this year, I am proactively becoming proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud products like Photoshop, InDesign and Dreamweaver. Examples of my abilities can be found in my portfolio. Using Wordpress, Ning and Blox I know how to manage blogs. I also learned the basics of HTML and CSS web design and can use Final Cut Pro X to edit film and video.

Social Media

I am active on a broad range of social media platforms and understand that managing social media requires creativity and communication skills. I am capable of distributing and amplifying content from the organization to the community because effective two-way communication is imperative when using social media. I also have the ability to speak to anyone, making sure the community understands and is comfortable being active with the organization through social media.

Microsoft Office

Writing skills are crucial to any public relations practitioner. I’ve mastered the art of writing long enough to cover the subject but short enough to keep it interesting. Grasping Microsoft Office products like Word, PowerPoint and Excel has sharpened my writing skills and made me aware of the way public relations writing should be.